Tutorial sohaibxtreme 0 2017-07-22

Apply for a fully activated adsense account by blog

                                    Wellcome to SMAT world

*   First you have to create blog

*    Then click on Earning Button

*     Then click on sign up for adsense button

1 step :

* Then select your email which you wont to use for adsense

*  click on the wes button

2 step

*  Select you'r site

*  Select you'r language

* Then click on the accept association button

3 step

*   Submit your real informations

*  Then submit your application

                                                   Last step 

* click on i accept button

* Then it will show you congratulation message :D

* Then click on CONTINUE

NOW your adsense account will take few day's or months.

In Asia  adsense service can take long time.

So don't take tension .