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Counter-Strike cs addons

Counter-Strike 1.6 Yap-AutoMiX CSO ADDON [ 2k19 ]

Counter-Strike 1.6 YaP + Auto-MiX FDL XTREME CSO BETA Awesome MoD ( 2k19 ) [ LATEST ]

Counter-Strike 1.6 Yap-AutoMiX CSO ADDON [ 2k19 ]

Counter-Strike 1.6 Zombie Mod/Addon Where You Can Turn Up Ur Skill To Become Pro In Gaming Arena And You Can Able To Play With On Multiplayer Level Skill And I Maked This Fully Unlock Plugin + Awesome Settings 😉

Counter-Strike 1.6 Yap-AutoMiX CSO ADDON [ 2k19 ]

Author Uploaded: Smat
Author Writer: SohaibXtreme

//**************GamePlay Plugins*****************//
sohaibxtreme1.amxx // all admins status
sohaibxtreme2.amxx // amx who
sohaibxtreme3.amxx // backweapons
sohaibxtreme4.amxx // bullet damage
sohaibxtreme5.amxx // Bullet Whizz
sohaibxtreme6.amxx // enemy down
sohaibxtreme7.amxx // fuckoff
sohaibxtreme8.amxx // GHW_connect
sohaibxtreme9.amxx // plugin trail
sohaibxtreme10.amxx // reconnect features
sohaibxtreme11.amxx // round chat msg
sohaibxtreme12.amxx // speedometer
sohaibxtreme13.amxx // team grenade trail
sohaibxtreme14.amxx // tracer xtreme
sohaibxtreme15.amxx // weapon icon
sohaibxtreme16.amxx // XtremeDamage
sohaibxtreme17.amxx // gamenamechanger
sohaibxtreme18.amxx // Admanager
sohaibxtreme19.amxx // Anti Smoker
sohaibxtreme20.amxx // FrostNade
sohaibxtreme21.amxx // Speedtester
sohaibxtreme23.amxx // pingfaker
sohaibxtreme24.amxx // fire in the whole
sohaibxtreme25.amxx // Combodo Hud Kill Effect
sohaibxtreme26.amxx // Knife CSO
sohaibxtreme27.amxx // GameNameChanger

//**************GamePlay Engine*****************//
YAP_aux.amxx debug //
PUG Core Automix
YAP_cfg.amxx debug // YAP AUX CFG
YAP_cfgvote.amxx debug // YAP Setting CFG
YAP_core.amxx debug // YAP Vote CFG
YAP_cs.amxx debug // YAP Core Engine
YAP_keypad.amxx debug // YAP CS Weapon CFG
YAP_lo3.amxx debug // YAP Keypad CFG
YAP_menu.amxx debug // YAP Restart CFG
YAP_mute.amxx debug // YAP MenuBuy CFG
YAP_ready.amxx debug // YAP Mute CFG
YAP-AutoJoin.amxx debug // YAP Ready CFG
YAP-FatalPoints.amxx debug // YAP Points Level
YAP-PlayerInfo.amxx debug // YAP Player Hud Info
YAP-PlayerSpecInfo.amxx debug // YAP Player Sepc Hud Infor
YAP-PUGStats.amxx debug // YAP STATS CFG
YAP-ScoreHud.amxx debug // YAP Hud Score
YAP-SQLPoints.amxx debug // YAP SQL Levels
YAP-Unstuck.amxx debug // YAP Unstuck

//**************Commands On GamePlay*****************//
1: Type In Chat { !add }
2: Type In Chat { start }
3: Type In Chat { status }

1> Fully Unlock Plugins
2> Anti Lag/Jerk
3> Latency Controller CFG’s
4> Fast Download Already Added
5> Fully Addons No Additional Material
6> YaP XTREME CSO Addon Window/Linux Server
7> No Plugins Bugs To Jerk Server


1> Window Server
2> Connection Speed 4MB+
3> Port Speed 100MB+
4> Linux Server

Counter-Strike 1.6 Yap-AutoMiX CSO ADDON [ 2k19 ]
Counter-Strike 1.6 DeathRun Shop LvL CSO ADDON [ 2k19 ]Counter-Strike 1.6 CSO YaP+AutoMiX XTREME FDL MoD Download [ Win/Linux ]
1. Download YaP MoD [ Download YaP Link 1 / Download YaP Link 2  ] 2. Winrar Password [ ] 3. Upload Folder ( cstrike ) On Server [ cstrike ] 4. Run Server 😉

BUY Counter-Strike 1.6 Dedicated High Speed Server:


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