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Oakwood-PLAZA PC Direct Download

Release Description:
Explore the woods, survive the night.

Arriving late to the abandoned Oakwood campground, you find the violent remains of your friends’ campsite. Exploring the forest and the dilapidated lodge, you discover that prehistoric predators now hunt the grounds. You’ll run breathlessly through raptor infested forests, get lost in dark corridors, and hold your breath to avoid the most fearsome dinosaur of all in this First-Person horror adventure.

Oakwood is a single-player flight for survival that invites players to explore the dark depths and ominous history of the abandoned campground. You will find yourself clutching your flashlight, traversing through the area on a search for your missing friends. As you explore, you will uncover clues about the violent events that unfolded the night before. Realizing the dangers surrounding the campground, you will need to dash through forests, hide in dark corridors, and outsmart the prehistoric creatures who are hunting ruthlessly throughout the grounds.

Run – Sprint away from predators in close pursuit
Hide – Find areas to hide from ferocious carnivores
Outwit – Find ways to avoid predator detection
Uncover – Unravel the history that haunts the grounds of Oakwood

Genre: Indie
Developer: Breaking Dimensions, Polygon Dust Entertainment Ltd.
Publisher: Breaking Dimensions

Release Name: Oakwood-PLAZA
Size: 3.03 GB
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